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The UCSB Political Communication Working Group brings together faculty and students from across the UCSB campus who study big questions in contemporary political communication. This interdisciplinary group meets regularly to share feedback on on-going research, discuss emerging issues in the field, and to foster collaborative projects. Our goal is to build and sustain a vibrant community of political communication scholars at UC Santa Barbara.

Our faculty and students share connections across campus, with the Department of Communication, the Department of Political Science, the Center for Information Technology and Society, the Center for Responsible Machine Learning, and the Digital Political Inequality Lab.

Check back soon for the 2023-24 Meeting Schedule


Past Meetings 2022-2023 Academic Year

Jun 3: End of Year Dinner at Bruce's House

May 22: Shanshan Lu presenting on social media and civil society in China

May 8: Rajkamal Singh presenting on collective action in India

Apr. 24: Dan Lane: Revisiting Digital Inequality
Mar. 1: Professional Development Discussion led by Dan and Bruce: Submitting to Journals

Feb. 1: Bruce Bimber: Update on Media and Democratic Attitudes Project + Guest Belén Casas Mas (Universidad Complutense de Madrid): Social Media Bots
Jan. 11: Daniel Gomez: Party Identity vs. Racial Identity in Social Media Messages

Oct. 27: Bruce, Julien, Ilia, Daniel: Media and Democratically Corrosive Attitudes

Nov. 10: Julien: A French Fox News?
Dec. 6:  Nancy & Hannah: Media Framing of Racial Violence  

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